“National Rural Network” Structure is Being Expanded to the Country Level as the Common Agricultural Policy Network

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The National Rural Network (NRN) of Türkiye is undergoing expansion at the national level, transforming into the Common Agricultural Policy Network of Türkiye (CAP Network). This transition is taking place under the coordination of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, aligning with the goals of the 2023 Century of Türkiye.... The CAP Network, grounded in principles of trust, cooperation, and mutual learning, is a framework designed to operate in coordination with agricultural and rural development institutions, organizations, and all pertinent stakeholders. To ensure the effective and sound implementation of the structure, a high-level Steering Committee (SC) was established, chaired by the IPARD Managing Authority. This committee has been tasked with overseeing the operations of the 26 regions, covering a total of 81 provinces at the central level. ... To advance the CAP Network structure studies in Türkiye, field studies were conducted in Şırnak province from October 2-6, 2023, resulting in the establishment of the CAP Network Regional Coordination Office at the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.... In Mersin, a comprehensive programme brought together all stakeholders and representatives from institutions and organizations involved in agricultural policies. Meetings were held to share the structure, goals, and objectives of the CAP Network, fostering the initiation of networks among participants. On October 2, 2023, Ömer KARAÇAYLI, Management Authority Expert, Nazlı DENGİ, Project Expert, and Oktay SEZGİN, Provincial Director of Agriculture of Şırnak, visited Şırnak Deputy Governor Talha ALTUNTAŞ to provide information about the CAP Network. ... As part of the CAP Network structuring activities, meetings were conducted with various institutions, including Şırnak Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry, Provincial Directorate of National Education, Şırnak Chamber of Agriculture, Provincial Directorate of Environment and Urbanization, Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Credit Cooperatives, Provincial Directorate of Relations with Civil Society, Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Policies, and Şırnak University. After the meetings, the establishment and assignment of the Regional Coordinator for the CAP Network of Türkiye in Şırnak were successfully completed.... The institutions, organizations and stakeholders in the field of agriculture and rural development that were visited in Şırnak within the scope of the structuring activities to cover 81 provinces expressed that they would provide support by participating in the CAP Network of Türkiye.

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