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The meetings related to the structuring activities of the Common Agricultural Policy Network (National Rural Network-NRN) covering 81 provinces were held in Kars on September 25-29, 2023. ... The Managing Authority team, and the representatives of all institutions and organizations related to the agricultural policies of the provinces and regions, as well as stakeholders, came together at the meetings that lasted for 4 days and in which the functioning, goals and objectives of CAP Network were shared. On the opening day of the meetings in Kars, the Managing Authority team met with Ziya POLAT, the Governor of Kars, in his office. During this visit, they provided him with comprehensive information about the upcoming activities planned in Kars as part of the CAP Network. On the same day, the Managing Authority team also met with Erdinç KOÇ, Deputy Director of Provincial Agriculture and Forestry, Nurullah KARACA, Secretary General of the Serhat Development Agency (SERKA), and Bekir GÜRE, ARDSI Provincial Coordinator, and shared detailed information about the upcoming activities. ... On the second day, a Core Group Meeting took place in the meeting room of the Serhat Development Agency building. During the meeting, the Managing Authority team delivered a presentation on the “EU New Common Agricultural Policy in the Rural Network Process,” defining the responsibilities of the institutions and organizations associated with the CAP Network and providing a platform for exchanging expert opinions... On the third day, a Stakeholder Group Meeting convened at the meeting hall of the Kars Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry building with the participation of various stakeholders in rural development and agriculture within the region, including farmers, academics, representatives of cooperatives and unions, as well as private sector representatives. During the well-attended meeting, a presentation was delivered to the stakeholders detailing the CAP Network structuring activity. Following the presentation, there was an exchange of opinions and insights among the participants. On the fourth day, a Focus Group meeting took place in the meeting room of the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry building. The meeting was attended by liaison representatives from various Kars provincial organizations, including ministries and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Representatives hailed from diverse entities such as the Provincial Directorate of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Provincial Directorate of Civil Society Relations of the Ministry of Interior, Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Services, Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Digor Chamber of Agriculture, Chamber of Veterinary Doctors, Provincial Directorate of National Education, and the ARDSI Provincial Coordination Office... As part of the programme, visits were conducted to the Goose Feather Processing and Quilt Making Facility, Fenix Wood Production Facility, Hasyel Yem A.Ş., Öz YPS Milk and Dairy Products Facility, a 100-Head Breeding Farm, and two hotels that receive support within the scope of Rural Tourism.

Republic of Türkiye Ministry Of Agriculture And Forestry
General Directorate of Agricultural Reform
Department of Managing Authority for EU Structural Adjustment
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