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The meetings related to the structuring activities of the Common Agricultural Policy Network (NRN) covering 81 provinces were held in Tekirdağ on September 25-29, 2023.
On the first day, the activitied to be carried out in Tekirdağ throughout the week were discussed with the participation of Tekirdağ Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Mr. Oktay ÖCAL, Deputy Director Mr. Ahmet TOKGÖZ, Rural Development and Organization Section Head Mr. Ferhat OĞUZ, Rural Development and Organization Section Engineer Mr. Aziz SEZEK, and related experts, as well as the Managing Authority Expert Ms. Melek Duygu YILMAZ, and Project Expert Mr. Mahmut BİÇER.
After the meeting, the Governor of Tekirdağ, Mr. Recep SOYTÜRK, was visited and informed about the activities to be conducted in the province. Upon the guidance of the Governor, information visits were made to the Deputy Governor, Mr. Osman Abdullah GÜNAYDIN, who will coordinate the core group meeting to be held on the second day, and to the Secretary General of the Thrace Development Agency, Mr. Mahmut ŞAHIN, and to the Directorate of the Viticulture Research Institute.
On the second day, a core group meeting was organized by the Governor's Office in Tekirdağ Governorate, which will also be the NRN Network Regional Coordination Center. During this meeting, presentations were delivered to the representatives of the relevant institutions and organizations and their opinions were discussed. The meeting was attended by the Deputy Governor Mr. GÜNAYDIN, Provincial Director of Agriculture and Forestry Mr. ÖCAL, Director of the Viticulture Research Institute, Mr. Mehmet Ali KİRACI, Head of the Planning and Coordination Unit of Thrace Development Agency, Dr. Ertuğ GÜNEY, Provincial Director of Civil Society Relations, Ms. Yurdanur ARICAN and Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry Engineer Mr. Aziz SEZEK.
On the third day, informative presentations were delivered to the relevant provincial directorates that were the focus group participants and actors involved in the rural development of the region. Representatives of the Provincial Directorate of Family and Social Services, Provincial Directorate of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change, Ministry of Interior Provincial Directorate of Civil Society Relations, Provincial Directorate of Culture and Tourism, Provincial Directorate of National Education and Provincial Coordination Directorate of Chambers of Agriculture attended the meeting.
At the stakeholder meeting held on the fourth day of the programme, the Beekeepers Association, the Dairy Producers Association, the Sheep and Goat Breeders Association, Tekirdağ Commodity Exchange, the Trakyam Production Development Cooperative, the Leader Farmers Cooperative, the Irrigation Cooperatives Association and farmers in the region participated and exchanged views on the activities that can be carried out in Tekirdağ within the scope of the NRN.
The experts who travelled to Tekirdağ within the scope of the programme visited the vinegar production facility and Chokeberry production orchard of Enda Agricultural enterprise. The Leader Farmer system, which is an exemplary cooperative structure and agricultural advisory organization in the region, was also visited under the programme.

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