The Managing Authority visited the Paying Agency and the Managing Authority of the Lombardy Region of Italy

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Under the IPARD Programme Technical Assistance Measure, the representatives of the Managing Authority and the IPARD Agency (ARDSI) visited the Lombardy Region of Italy on September 26-27, 2023. Presentations were delivered and information was exchanged by the Managing Authority of the Lombardy Region on the Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union and the Italian Rural Development Programme. During the visit, general information about Italy and Lombardy region was provided. Information was shared about the management structure of agriculture and rural development and the application process for rural development projects in the region.
On the second day of the programme, presentations were delivered on the information systems used by the Paying Agency of the Lombardy Region for the application, control and payment stages of the supports. The payment system used was shared with the participants with a practical exercise. The study visit was concluded with exchange of mutual best wishes.

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