There Is No Sea In Denizli, But There Are Plenty Of Fish

Beneficiary : Ramazan Sönmez

My name is Ramazan Sönmez from Denizli-Çameli, the owner of Mittos Aquaculture Processing Enterprise established through IPARD supports.I have been breeding trout in our district for 20 years. Before founding this enterprise, I had been dealing with construction, white appliances and furniture sectors, but now I have focused on trout production and processing. As I have worked as the Head of Trout Producers’ Union, I have already been interested in the sector. The amount of production in our region is three thousand tons. I was continuously encouraged by the District Directorate of MoFAL because of the need for an aquaculture processing facility in the region. I have attended ARDSI’s publicity meetings, done my research and decided to make this investment. I have founded the first processing enterprise in the region. Our facility is an enterprise that exports to EU countries where the latest technologies are applied. We have 52 employees and 70% of them are women. We directly export to firms in the Netherlands and Italia; and by way of foreign firms, we also export to Japan, Denmark and England. Our capacity is sufficient for now but we will need to extend it in the future. Hence we may consider investing in this sector again. Our first recommendation to those who are asking for our opinions to apply for IPARD supports is to find a good contractor firm.

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