"We Produce The Highest Quality Milk And Deliver It To Your Door."

Beneficiary : Kemal Yüksel

My Name is Kemal Yüksel and I am from Burdur. I established a 120 head milk production enterprise through IPARD supports. I am 30 years old, yet I have always been pioneer investor in my region. I was the first one producing vegetables in accordance with Good Agricultural Practices in Burdur. Although being young, I have gained considerable experience in the area of investment. My mother was an IPARD beneficiary and she gave me the idea of founding a milk producing enterprise. After studying the sector, I decided to make an investment as the sector appealed to me. I applied on the first day of the 15th Call for Application period as I had already prepared my project. I would like to establish an enterprise as modern as possible with less labour force. Feeding and milking are also automatic and our facility is free from diseases. We do not even allow milk floats inside the enterprise, they can take the milk from special loading dock. I recommend investors to search every aspect of their investment and prepare their project accordingly. Launching the operation after the investment is always difficult and I am trying to overcome this period. I will later set up a paging system which will allow consumers to access milk directly and establish a milk processing enterprise. Producing milk does not mean your business is doing fine, marketing it is also important to earn money from this business.Thanks to the IPARD support, I managed to establish this enterprise at a young age. I advise all young farmers to benefit from this opportunity.

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